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Punjabi Muhavare/Akhaan



҈  Ajj kal batera mehnga hai.


When Everything is gone expensive,so its used.  Means Even Easily available quail is expensive)

҈   Anne kutay-harna maghar.


Blind dogs chasing deer .  or Incompetent person cannot do difficult job

҈   AAp na basi soriaaN de, lokiin mattaaN de...


When one has so many Flaws,but still gives advises to other

҈   AAppe main rajji pujji aape mere bache jeon.


Its Used for Selfish Person...I got everything and i dont care anyone else

҈   AndhoN mein kana raja


A figure among cyphers

҈   Anne Agge roane-te akhiya da ghata


Its wastage of your time to share your sorrows,with person who damn cares.

҈  Anna wande reoriyaan, mud mud aaapneyaan nu.


Reaping Benefits only for own people

matbal aapneyaan nu ee mud mud faayde puchaana

҈   Agg la ke Dabbu kandh te


Escape After Making fight Between two

҈   Anni peese kutti chatte


Careless work doesn't give output


҈  Ameer di mar gayi kutti, Oh har kisse puchhi. Gareeb di mar gayi Maa, Ohda kisse na leya Naa.


Now a days Society only values Rich People


҈  Aate Naal Ghun vi Pisda hai


Although one is a Good guy , still he got  because of his company with bad guy

Sentence:- Ik Munda si Babloo jo Bahut hi Sau si par usda dost Rakesh bahut hi vigdiya si.Rakesh jithe v jaanda Babloo nu aapne naal le jaanda.Rakesh ta Saara din Aashiqui te kudiya nu comment Maarda rehnda si ,Aashiqui Rakesh karda te Kutt Babloo nu pe jaani .Isnu Kehnde han Aate naal Ghun v Pisna




҈   Bhawn Jhaown Kay Khotee Bodh Thallay.


"After visiting many places female donkey has again come under pine tree"

҈    Buhe utte janj khaloati, tay wino kuri da kan.

the groom's party is standing at the door let's pierce the girl's ear now

҈    Bad changga badnaam bura


A bad man is better than a bad name.

҈   Bhukhay Jat kaTora labha, paani pee pee aaphareya


Too Much Excitment after getting Unexpected thing

҈   Bamana de poot koi jin koi bhoot koi virla he sapoot.

҈   BuDhi ghoRi laal laghaam


Age has grown up to old but fashion interest is still there

҈   Bakri dudh dindi hai, par meengna paa k


Complete some work  without happiness ,Kamm v karna oh v ro ro


҈   Bhare pet, te shakkar kaudi 


When stomach is full ,Even sugar tastes Bitter




҈   Chhapad da gwaah daddoo

Usage->Pind ch chori ho gayee tan sab nu banty te shaq c, jado sab usnu puchhan lage tan us ne keha main injh nahi kita, tan banta sharaabi,
jo khud chori di sja kat ke aya hai ,usdi tassali den lag peya ki Bunty is tran kar hi nahi sakda, tan pancha ne usnu keha
"Chup kar banteya, akhe chhappad da gwah daddoo"

҈   Chor uchaka choudhry, gundee ran pardhan.


Badmaashi da bol bala


Chor di dhaadhi vich tinka.


A guilty mind or conscienceis always suspicious

Chaar dina di chandni phir andheri raat hai


A nine days wonder


Chidiya Di Maut Te Gawaraa da Haasa


Deriving Pleasure from Others Suffering



Choohi nu sundh di ganddi labhi te oh pansari ban bethi


Start showing huge attitude after getting little


Chora de kapde daanga de gaj



҈   Darya nou koh-teh suthan moude te.


 Getting Ready for bath ,Yet The river is so far away ....This idiom can be used when one is ready for the moment which has so much time to be.

҈   Desi kutta, kureshani boli.

Meaning: When one doesn't speak in own mothertongue

҈   Dekhi teri cheen di khatti, Tuti ghagri rassi da nala. 
- Dee(daughter) nahin te pa(wear) la
Nu(daughter in law) nahin te kha(eat) la

҈   Dilaan noo dilaan tayee rah hunde hun 


Hearts have their own way of communicating and reaching each other

҈   Dheeye kan kar noohen kam kar.


Always Favour own Daughter than daughter-in-law
҈   Dudh da jalya lassi nu bhi phoonk poonk ke peenda ey


A burnt child dreads the fire

҈   Dub-de nu tinke da sahara


A drowing man catches at a straw.

҈   Dhatthaa Khotay ton, tay Kaudh Kubharaan Tay.


 Giving Blame to someone else for own foolish act.)
Dhatthaa -> Fallen
Khota -> Donkey
Kaudh (or Kaurr) -> anger

 Kubhar (kumiar)-> caste who used to make pots and Wahnan(Wodden structure used on donkeys for riding

҈   Daan ki bachiya ka daant nahin dekha janda

Meaning:Beggars cant be choosers

҈    Dhele di budi, taka sir munaai da